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ITIQ's easy to use Content Management System

It’s all very well having a website to promote your business but if the content is not managed correctly or kept up-to-date, your site could be doing you more harm than good. You may be surprised to know that keeping a professional level website current does not have to involve highly skilled IT personnel or having to pay out constantly for updating

For over ten years XL-Webgen has proven very popular with our clients and has been successfully adopted by organisations both large and small.

We are all aware technology is always changing.  By constantly bringing XL-WebGen up to date, you don’t have to worry about your site being obsolete within a few months.  What’s more XL-Webgen updates are included in our prices, so no hidden charges.

XL-WebGen CMS puts you fully in control of your site. After we design and produce your website, you can manage it easily from any computer via the Internet. The skill level needed to update and edit an XL-WebGen CMS site is equal to using 'Word' so website administration can easily be delegated. You don't need to worry about HTML coding or the technical details of your web server. We will host your site, offer all the necessary training and provide full ongoing technical support

XL-WebGen CMS can also be a very powerful business tool to help you do more business via the Internet.  
E-commerce, data collection, user registration, forums, automated contact forms, image libraries, news feeds are just some of the many features which could help enhance your business

Most importantly, should you want, we are there to guide you through every aspect of using the Internet sensibly, showing you how it can be used to develop and grow business.
An XL-WebGen CMS site...

  • is easy to use and flexible
  • is well designed
  • professional in appearance
  • incredible value
  • can be updated in seconds
  • enables you to benefit from E-business
  • secure
  • will help you do business

XL-WebGen CMS is an easy-to-use and useful tool for web content management and site building. With a CMS you can bring your web content up-to-date in no time and always keep it accurate and relevant

An effective CMS allows non-technical users to manage their website content using only a Web-browser and deliver rich content resources to the web.

XL-WebGen CMS is a web content management system for website owners and IT companies of all sizes and budget! It covers the entire lifecycle of content management - content creation, management, publishing and presentation.

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New XL-Lite Package

  • Standard site design
  • XL-WebGen CMS
  • 5 Pages
  • Contact Us Form
  • Form Reporting
  • Site Map
  • Footer Links
  • Upload image
  • Slideshow images
  • Polls
  • Site RSS Feed
  • 1 Domain Name
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Online Manuals
Only £695*
(excluding VAT)

* After first full year, only £20 a month for hosting and support. Minimum contract 12 months

Add the online features YOU need to help your business

Easily extend the functionality of your website with our range of additional modules.

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