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Ten simple steps –

1. Tell us about yourself.  What you would like to achieve from having a site?  After all, the better we know you and what you expect, the more we can help.

2. Choose from XL-WebGen Light,  Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Portal sites.  There is something to suit every budget, from hundreds to tens of thousands of pounds depending upon complexity and extent of your specific requirements.

3. Choose a design – for XL Light there are several standard, tried and tested designs to choose from.  To ensure they are in keeping with your company identity, we can alter colours, menus, graphics and of course include your logo.
If you have no existing company design or would like a new company identity, our design team can help with that too.
For Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Portal sites, we create a totally new design and structure especially for you.

4. Decide on your menu structure – for XL Light sites you can have five separate headings, may we recommend one of the following:
Home     About Us Services Products Contact us
or Home  About us Our team Offers  Contact us
or Home  History  Our team Join Us  Contact us
or any combination of the above.  If none of these suit then pick whatever you require.

5. You can also decide at this stage to enhance or upgrade your site.   As well as all the different XL-WebGen levels we offer a whole range of additional features and functionality.  From more pages, agency level design, ecommerce, document archive, blogs, eshots, greater degrees of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), data collection, automated responses, higher support levels.  It’s your choice and another unique aspect about XL-Webgen, you can do much of this afterwards, and so you can build your site gradually, learning from experience.

6. Supply content and pictures.  One word document for each of the sections then leave the rest to us.  We place your content in the most effective way.  Our advice is it’s worth keeping short and to the point.

If you are struggling with writing your content, we have copywriters who can make you sound great.  And for the additional cost many clients soon discover it’s an excellent investment.

To help you be found easier, it is worth producing a separate document with all your key words (the words you feel others would most search for you by) that we can use in the SEO (Search Optimization) we do for your site.

As with the word content, you need to supply us with the pictures and graphics you would like to appear on your site, identifying where you would like them to go.  It’s always a good idea to use pictures wherever you can as the old adage about a picture says a thousand words, is often true.

7. The next step is the part where we perform our magic.  A design concept and proof is created, so you can get to see how the site will look and feel.   Once you have given you’re OK we then build the site online.

8. Whilst the site is being built, we confirm your url (web site address) and if you don’t yet have one, we can help register one for you.   We also go through quite an in depth Search Optimization programme, which helps you get found.
For even better searchability, we have a whole range of different levels of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services we offer in addition.

9. XL Webgen sites are fully database driven Web Content management systems.  Meaning that you can alter and change them as much as you like, without any cost and taking just a few moments to do.  An instruction manual comes with XL Webgen sites so you can get to grips easily with the process.

If you wish to have personal training, we offer a complete introduction course for £249 +vat.  For Bronze sites and above, this training is included within the cost.

Last step - Go Live and start gaining the benefits for having a really good site that is working for you.

Add the online features YOU need to help your business

Easily extend the functionality of your website with our range of additional modules.

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